Business Overview


As one of the earliest companies engaged in leasing business in China, China Bank Leasing has witnessed and participated in the development and growth of China's leasing industry.

The product process continues to be enriched, the regulatory environment is constantly improved, and the importance of China ’s financial system is gradually increasing.

As one of the earliest companies engaged in leasing business in China, China Bank Leasing has witnessed and participated in the development and growth of China's leasing industry, continued to diversify its product offerings, continuously improve its regulatory environment and gradually increase its importance in China's financial system. In this process, China National Bank Leasing insisted on continuous innovation and exploration, and successfully maintained its leading market and brand position in the industry economic cycle, regulatory changes and financial crisis. It has maintained steady growth in the past 30 years of development, and has accumulated a large amount of operating experience during the fluctuations of China's macroeconomic cycle. With continuous business improvement and product innovation, through the planned exploration of various business sectors, a clear positioning of focusing on key industries and customers has gradually formed. We have successfully established two major business segments with mature aircraft leasing and infrastructure leasing models, excellent asset quality, and broad prospects for development. At the same time, we have established a customer positioning centered on serving large, medium and high-quality customers.

The Bank of China Leasing has a well-acclaimed industry status and outstanding brand value. With more than 30 years of deep-learning leasing business expertise and experience accumulated, it has successfully won the "China Financial Leasing Annual "And many other awards, with outstanding brand value in China and the international leasing market.

China Bank Leasing believes that its long operating history, leading industry position, unique innovation ability, and outstanding brand value in the leasing industry are conducive to seizing the increasing marketization of China's financial industry and the professionalization of leasing products and services by customers. The growing demand for personalization, the internationalization of RMB and China ’s “Belt and Road” policy, and the huge growth potential of leasing business brought by the trend of Chinese companies going global. At the same time, years of rich industry experience that have undergone changes in China's business cycle will help to maintain steady development in the process of China's economic transformation and upgrading, and to maintain its leading position in the context of the rapid development of China's leasing industry.

China Bank Financial Leasing Co., Ltd. Leasing Business Service Charges Catalog (2019 Edition)

Charge item Object of charge Charge range Charges Preferential policy
Lease fee Lessees / Manufacturers / Equipment Suppliers / Guarantors (except small and micro enterprises) Provide but are not limited to: leasing business services such as coordinating the provision of funds by banks or syndicates, leasing project scheme design, including but not limited to targeted financing structure and credit structure design, financing scheme optimization or winning scheme design and other services cost of. In principle, the total rate does not exceed 5% of the lease amount, and it is allocated to not more than 1% of the lease amount each year; when the loan is lent, it is charged once, or dividedly, or charged in accordance with the agreement. According to the relevant requirements of the regulatory authorities, except for joint leasing, no fees such as handling fees and consultancy fees are charged for leasing of small and micro enterprises.
Consultant fee Tenants / Manufacturers / Equipment Providers (except small and micro enterprises) According to the client's or project's needs in terms of debt, financing, and bidding, the fees charged for providing the client with corresponding information consulting, financial, and financial leasing services, including but not limited to: macro and microeconomic research reports, industry Various types of information consulting services such as major regulations and policies, market and financial leasing information, financial leasing policies and laws and regulations, or provide services such as industry analysis, leasing tax consulting, and SPV management consulting. In principle, it should not exceed 2 million yuan. It should be collected at one time or as agreed in the agreement.
sales commission Manufacturer / equipment supplier / distributor In the leasing business of construction machinery, vehicles and other equipment, the company provides financial promotion services to manufacturers, equipment suppliers, and distributors. In principle, it does not exceed 2% of the lease amount each year. -


1. Lease amount refers to the purchase price of the leased item actually paid by our company when purchasing the leased item;

2. The directory is the current charging standards implemented by our company, such as charging items, charging ranges and changes in charging standards will be publicly disclosed;

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