State Bank Financial Leasing Co., Ltd.


China National Bank Financial Leasing Co., Ltd. is a national non-bank financial institution supervised by the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission. It is the first domestic financial leasing company listed on H shares and the only leasing business platform for China Development Bank. The company leases assets and business partners in nearly 30 countries and regions around the world. The company enjoys a high international credit rating, with Moody's A1, S & P A and Fitch A +. Founded in 1984, China National Bank Leasing is the pioneer and leader of China's leasing industry and one of the first leasing companies established in China. Adhering to the mission of leading China's leasing and serving the real economy, China Bank Leasing is committed to providing comprehensive leasing services to high-quality customers in the aviation, infrastructure, ship, vehicle and construction machinery, new energy and high-end equipment manufacturing industries.

As one of the oldest leasing companies in China, China Bank Leasing has witnessed and participated in the development of China's leasing industry. It has experienced several industry economic cycles and regulatory changes, and has explored business areas, product innovation, risk management, and management. having lots of experience. We always adhere to the balanced development of scale, quality, and efficiency. By exploring various business areas in a planned way, continuing to promote product innovation and business improvement, and improving corporate governance, China Bank Leasing leads its peers in asset scale, profitability and risk control. Form a business development model with obvious core competitive advantages and outstanding sustainable development capabilities.

The marketization, increasing internationalization of China's financial industry, rising demand for customized leasing products and services, and the current state's policy of carrying out financial supply-side reforms to strengthen the financial service's real economic capabilities have brought important opportunities to the leasing industry. We believe that our long operating history, leading market position, mature business model and excellent brand will help us seize these opportunities, continue to maintain steady development, and continue to maintain the leading edge of the industry against the background of the rapid development of the Chinese leasing industry. , Continue to upgrade business models, improve professional service capabilities, and work hard to achieve the vision of building a world-class leasing company.

  • 2019
    As of June 30, 2019, the company's assets reached 240.196 billion yuan
  • 2016 year
    On July 11, 2016, the company was listed on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange with a registered capital of 12.642 billion yuan, making it the most powerful leasing company in China. It is also the first financial leasing listed company and the Bank of China Group supervised by the China Banking Regulatory Commission. First listed subsidiary.
  • 2015 year
    The company was restructured to become a joint stock limited company and renamed as China Bank Financial Leasing Co., Ltd.
    The company obtained the national interbank bond market access qualification and was approved by the People's Bank of China to carry out foreign currency lending business in the interbank lending market.
    The company successfully entered the credit reporting system of the People's Bank of China.
    The company won the "China Aviation Finance Industry Promotion Award" issued by the 4th China Aviation Finance Forum.
  • Year 2014
    The company completed the procurement of 130 mainstream narrow-body aircraft.
    The company has obtained Fitch A +, Standard & Poor's A + and Moody's A1 international credit ratings.
  • 2012
    The company's total assets reached 100 billion yuan, becoming the first domestic financial leasing company with total assets exceeding 100 billion yuan.
    Under the witness of Chinese President Xi Jinping and Canadian Governor David Johnston and other senior leaders from China and Canada, the company and Bombardier Aerospace signed 15 C Series aircraft purchase agreements with a total order amount of approximately $ 914 million.
    The company completed the Japan Tax Financing Leasing (JOLCO) structure financing for 3 aircrafts and was awarded the "2012 Best Tax Financing Transaction Award" by Air Finance Journal. This financing was the company's first successful tax financing business.
    The company successfully issued US $ 1.5 billion of bonds in the international capital market for the first time through an overseas special purpose company, and won the "2012 Best Quasi-Sovereign Bond Award" issued by Treasury Magazine.
  • year 2010
    The company obtained approval from the People's Bank of China for the interbank market and joined the interbank market.
  • Year 2009
    The company and GE Capital Aviation Services completed the first single-band leased aircraft asset package purchase project, and was named the "2009 Global Best Deal Award" by Air Finance Journal. Since then, the company officially entered the international market of aircraft leasing business.
    The Company completed the sale and leaseback project of Yunnan Kunshi Expressway, and since then, the Company has fully entered the field of infrastructure leasing.
    The company and vehicle leading company Beiqi Foton Motor Co., Ltd. formally signed the company's first vehicle strategic cooperation agreement, making us the first financial leasing company in China to develop manufacturer leasing business.
  • Year 2008
    China Development Bank became the controlling shareholder of the Company. The company was renamed China National Bank Financial Leasing Co., Ltd. and was the largest leasing company with registered capital in China at that time.
  • year 2006
    The Company and China Eastern Airlines Co., Ltd. signed a lease agreement for an A330 aircraft, setting a precedent for Chinese financial leasing companies to develop aircraft operating leasing business.
  • year 2004
    The company and Xi'an Aircraft Industry signed three leases of Xinzhou 60 aircraft, creating a precedent for Chinese leasing companies to develop aircraft leasing business.
  • 1984
    The Company's predecessor Shenzhen Leasing Co., Ltd. was established.

National Bank Leasing Strategic Vision and Corporate Culture


Leading China's leasing services to the real economy


Building an international first-class leasing company

core value

Robust, professional, honest, and win-win

Strategic Positioning

Marketization, specialization, diversification and internationalization

Business philosophy

Pursue balanced development of scale, quality and efficiency, and realize the unity of shareholder value, company value and employee value

Risk concept

Everyone is equal before risk, everyone has responsibility for risk control

Talent Concept

A platform for officers to start their own business

  • Operating financial leasing business

  • Transfer and transfer of financial lease assets

  • Fixed income securities investment business

  • Accept the lease security of the lessee

  • Absorb non-bank shareholders for more than 3 months (including) time deposits

  • Interbank lending

  • Borrowing from financial institutions

  • Offshore borrowing

  • Lease sale and disposal

  • Economic consulting

  • Establishing a project company in a domestic bonded area to carry out financial leasing business

  • Provide guarantees for external financing of the holding company's project company

  • Hedging derivatives trading